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What is I Am Hunter?

We are passionate about keeping hunting alive, and use education and advocacy to demonstrate the positive benefits of ethical, fair-chase hunting to all society, not just hunters. 

The sad truth is that hunting is under attack. There are people that will tell you that hunting is a privilege not a right, or that it has no place in modern society. And those people want nothing more than to remove ALL forms of hunting.

If we, as hunters, stay silent and do nothing, we will lose our freedom to hunt. 

Our goal is to use I Am Hunter to:

  • Demonstrate how conservation and hunting go hand-in-hand.
  • Teach people how to be ethical, safe, fair-chase hunters who respect the animals we harvest. 
  • Show that hunting is one of the best ways to live a sustainable, organic and ‘harm-free’ lifestyle.
  • Keep hunting alive and pass on the tradition of hunting to future generations.

For less than 50c a day, members help support the fight to keep hunting alive by spreading a positive message about hunting to the wider community.

In return, members get access to exclusive member rewards including a free I Am Hunter t-shirt (conditions apply – see membership options for more details), monthly and annual giveaways, as well as member discounts and special offers. 

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Thank you all for going forward in creating such great content and a resource for hunters everywhere! I’ve been hunting for most of my life but I look forward to learning even more on improving my skills and finding more of what there is to offer for our great sport.

Craig Murton

What you folks are doing for hunting here in OZ should be applauded. And I mean that sincerely. We are way too divided as outdoorsmen and women in this country and what you are doing is so awesome!

Ben - Sheepdog Coffee Co

If you're into hunting like we are your going to love I AM HUNTER. Fantastic platform for all things hunting from gear reviews, videos, articles, tutorials, podcasts and even hunting advocacy. You can also grab some great discounts on gear from their brand partners. Bloody great work from this Aussie company.

Daniel Boniface

Great people. Honest and open minded. Doing everything they can to create awareness about the many benefits derived from hunting. Fighting to improve stakeholders' perceptions of firearm owners whilst highlighting to sporting shooters the issues that we're currently facing.

Great work guys!

Damien Collard

Extremely knowledgeable business. Staff are super friendly and really know their stuff. Highly recommend.

Daniel Tribolet

Passionate hunters with great skills.

Sarah Ranger

This is a wonderful page that gives interesting and helpful information about hunting here in Australia and around the world. Highly recommended!

Tom Davis

I like the sound of their ideals. They seem to be on the right track. My view is if you kill it, you eat it, you can't kill it you don't eat it. People these days don't realise where food comes from. Good on this firm

Manish Jithender

You can see a genuine passion for what they do. And they have the courage to stand up for their beliefs. Looks like the young ladies have learnt all the right things from their Dad. 

Craig Verrier

All your content is getting better as you go along. Keep up the great work. We need more of this. 🤙

Levi Archuleta

Different info, like skinning and cooking big game as well as game birds.

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