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Our vision

I Am Hunter was created to spread a positive message about hunting, both within the hunting community and among people who may not understand or even like hunting. 

Whether you are watching episodes of I Am Hunter on MOTV, reading articles about hunting on social media, watching one of our tutorials on our website, or undertaking a hunter education program, our aim is to change the conversation about hunting and foster a positive community of like-minded hunters who want to make a real difference. 

I Am Hunter’s vision is to: 

  • Teach people how to be safe, ethical, fair-chase hunters who respect the animals they harvest.
  • Demonstrate hunting conservation in practice.
  • Present hunting as an organic, sustainable lifestyle. 
  • Show the positive benefits hunting brings to society.

We want to create a positive voice for hunting and a community of role models who help keep hunting alive for future generations. 

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meet the team

Appreciating the sacrifice


Rod has been hunting for so long, we’re pretty sure he popped right out of the womb, clutching his first .22! Growing up in rural Australia, Rod was raised on a strong foundation of safety and ethics.

As a young kid, he earned his first income trapping foxes and rabbits for their fur, and doing crop protection and pest control for local farmers. And, in his free time, he hunted in the surrounding bush.

In 2017, Rod started HuntShack with his two daughters, Jess and Tash as a way to connect hunters with ethical, fair-chase spot and stalk hunting opportunities around the world.

As part of HuntShack, Rod and the girls started filming their own hunting adventures and passing on their knowledge about hunting to their growing audience.

It soon became apparent that there was a gap in the industry for quality, Australian-made hunting content with a strong advocacy and education slant, which was how I Am Hunter was born.

Rod is passionate about passing on the traditions of his childhood to family, friends and anyone interested in learning how to hunt, and uses his in-depth knowledge of hunting and firearms to create educational content for I Am Hunter.

Hunting with kidsJess

If there’s one thing Jess has always possessed, it’s a mind of her own. As a child, she wanted to be a vet, and spent most of her free-time rescuing animals and hiding them in her bedroom!

Her love for animals made her a pretty unlikely candidate for becoming a hunter. At 17, she went on a hunting trip to Outback Queensland with some friends who ran a cattle station there. She quickly learned how hunting is used as a legitimate, ethical tool for managing animal populations, providing for yourself, and also reconnecting with the outdoors.

Eight years later, Jess is an accomplished hunter and all-round outdoors-woman, determined to be a strong role model for her son, as well as other female hunters in the industry.

Jess loves showing people how to improve their hunting skills and best utilise the animals they harvest. 

Tash shooting her PSE bow


How do you go from accident-prone middle child to Everybody’s Favourite? With quick wit and a winning personality.

As the unofficial and often-accidental comedic star of the I Am Hunter show, Tash’s light-hearted approach to advocacy is a breath of fresh air in an industry that often takes itself too seriously.

Tash is also the resident Record Holder for biggest red deer and the only successful bow hunter in the team (no, Jess, ground squirrels don’t count), and looks forward to teaching her new baby girl, Amelia, all about hunting. 

Starting at the bottom with a first hunt


For years, Bec stayed in the background, supporting Rod and the girls from behind the scenes. But that all changed last year, when at 45, she decided it was time to ‘bite the bullet’ and get her firearms’ license.

Bec now uses her newfound passion for hunting and her background in journalism to dispel the negativity and misconceptions spread by the media about hunting. She is the voice behind many of the articles about hunting and how it benefits society.

As a result of her passionate defence of hunting, Bec was approached by the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party of Tasmania to be one of their lead candidates in the 2019 Federal election and is now a key member of their committee. 

Join the Team

You know the old saying about many hands make light work, well we are always looking for people willing to help us to achieve our goals of spreading a positive message about hunting. If you think you’d like to be part of the I Am Hunter team, we are always on the look out for people to fill these roles: 

  • Content creators/contributors – are you a passionate hunter, firearms expert, budding chef or have another area of expertise you want to share with our followers? Do you have a hunting tale you’d like to share? Or just something positive you want to get out there about hunting? Help us spread a positive message about hunting by becoming a content creator with I Am Hunter.
  • Videographers – are you the next Branlin Shockey? Do you love shooting video as much as you love shooting guns? Join our film crew and help create visually stunning video footage for I Am Hunter. 
  • Video editors – are you a whizz on Premiere Pro? Know how to create visual storylines that demonstrate the benefits of hunting? Want to be part of creating episodes for I Am Hunter or video content for our YouTube and social media? 
  • Social media moderators – do you enjoy herding cats and keeping people in check on social media. We are looking for people willing to moderate and manage our social pages and Facebook groups. 

If you are interested in any of these roles, email team@huntshack.net

Need some help?

If you’re having any issues with the site or need help finding something or accessing any of your member rewards, you can send us an email at team@huntshack.net or alternatively you can fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.