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92% of consumers trust organic content over traditional advertising, and 28% of consumers trust word-of- mouth referrals over traditional advertising.

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Are you looking for new ways to connect with your target audience? Do you have a keen interest in protecting the future of the hunting and outdoors industries?

HuntShack Pty Ltd is an Australian-based, family-owned media company that produces a wide range of content about hunting, farming and other outdoor activities for TV, social media, educational programs, and a number of websites. 

The company also operates a hunting agency, a hunter education and safety program and a small scale farm based on regenerative agricultural principals. 

Their mission is to inspire the next generation to hunt, gather, farm, fish and become passionate outdoor enthusiasts. 

Their goal is to create a positive voice in a sea of negativity, and to equip people with the tools they need to become positive role models for the hunting, farming and outdoor communities. 

Since launching in 2017, HuntShack has built a strong reputation for integrity and authenticity, always providing a balanced and fair opinion on the products and brands that they represent.

They have also built an engaged and loyal following of hunters, shooters, fishers and outdoor enthusiasts across multiple channels, with more than 70,000 people following them on their various social media accounts and around 11,000 people visiting their website each month. is a member-supported website that uses education and advocacy to spread a positive message about hunting to the wider community. The website features a huge library of videos, tutorials, articles, podcasts, and recipes to help people improve their hunting and outdoor skills and become role models for the hunting community. 

In January 2021, HuntShack launched the I Am Hunter TV series on the MyOutdoorTV (MOTV) network, which is part of the Outdoor Sportsman Group. The 13-episode series explores what it means to be a modern hunter. MOTV is a streaming video platform (OTT), which is available in 195 countries. The platform has a subscriber base of over 600,000 and a content library of over 15,000 shows. As of June 2021, the I Am Hunter series was ranked #3 in Australia and New Zealand, #67 worldwide, and was in the Top 15% of all shows airing on the MyOutdoorTV network. The series has also just been released on Amazon Prime in North America. Season 2 of I Am Hunter is due to start airing in January 2022. 

HuntShack are also working on a brand new TV series called Dirt Rich, which follows their journey with regenerative farming. 

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partnership opportunities

HuntShack offers a few different ways for companies to promote their brand and products in an authentic and integrated manner: 

TV Series Partner

The I Am Hunter TV series provides a premium opportunity for you to reach an engaged audience of affluent hunting and outdoor enthusiasts in 195 countries via MOTV and Amazon Prime. Showcase your brand, products and/or services in individual episodes, or become a series partner and have your brand represented in all 13 episodes per season. This package also provides branding and direct sales opportunities via dedicated Behind the Scenes pages, as well as cross-promotional and PR activities through social media and third party websites. 

Join quality brands such as Winchester, Garmin, Burris, FoodSaver, and Beretta. 

HuntShack have now opened discussions for Season 2 partnerships, which will begin airing from January 2022.  


TV Series Partnership packages start from $3500 per season or $1000 for individual episodes. 

Garmin Winchester Burris Foodsaver Beretta Australia

Rewards Partner

HuntShack has a long and proud history of giving back to the hunting community. Since 2017, they have given away more than $50,000 in prizes and free gifts to their followers and members, raised thousands of dollars for charities and outdoor organisations through their Giving Back program, and provided over $90,000 worth of free marketing to more than 40 brands through their Rewards Partner program.

The Rewards Program is a key part of the I Am Hunter membership platform, with members receiving tangible benefits like welcome boxes, discount codes, quarterly giveaways as a way of thanking them for their financial support, which also provides the companies who support the program with an effective way to get their brand and products in front of a wide audience of hunting enthusiasts for virtually no financial outlay – just the cost of the goods donated, or the discount given. 

This quid-pro-quo circle of generosity has been instrumental in helping spread a positive message about hunting to the wider community, created a passionate tribe of loyal advocates, and provided vital and tangible support to the hunting industry itself. 

How does it work?

Rewards Partners agree to donate at least two prizes per year to be used as giveaways for members and HuntShack followers across social media. And in return, their brand and products will be showcased on, across all HuntShack social media channels, via the HuntShack database, and through third-party organisations. 

Rewards Partners can also increase their direct sales opportunities by providing a discount of at least 10% for I Am Hunter members to use when purchasing goods from their business. 

Rewards Partners can also provide small branded merchandise (stickers, key rings, hats, t-shirts etc) that will be sent out to new I Am Hunter members in thank you boxes. This is a great way to get your business in front of a new audience and help build brand loyalty. 

Click the links below to see samples of how your brand will be promoted. 

Sample Quarterly Giveaway –

Discount Page –


There is currently no cost to join the Rewards Program. 

Content Partner

Content marketing is one of the most authentic and effective ways to reach your target audience. In a recent study by Nielsen Consumer Trust, 92% of consumers said they trust organic content over traditional advertising, while 28% of consumer trust word-of-mouth referrals such as product reviews over traditional advertising.

HuntShack can integrate your brand, product and services into the native content on the I Am Hunter website, providing direct links back to your website or sales pages. See examples of content marketing here. Content is also shared across social media, with videos also appearing on YouTube.

Content marketing options include:

  • Feature articles written by a qualified journalist on the I Am Hunter team 
  • Guest posts written and supplied by your business
  • Written product and service reviews
  • Video reviews and product unboxing videos 

how to become a partner

If you would like to see branding and product placement options for I Am Hunter episodes, find out more about becoming a Rewards Partner, or get a quote for content marketing, contact Rebecca Byfield, Chief Marketing Officer, by sending an email to or call +61428177638.

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