Public land hunting in Tassie closes early due to Covid-19

Public land hunting closed

It seems the hunting season in Tassie will close early this year due to the current Covid-19 pandemic.

In an email sent this afternoon to all hunters in the public land ballot, the Tasmanian Government announced that, effective immediately, all public land managed by Parks and Wildlife Services has now been closed due to Covid-19.

This means that NO HUNTING of deer, duck, wallaby or vermin can occur on this land from midnight Thursday 26 March 2020 until further notice.

This includes NO HUNTING on all the following Conservations Areas and Regional Reserves that were part of the 2020 Public land fallow deer ballot.

  • Tooms Lake Conservation Area
  • Buxton River Conservation Area
  • St Pauls Regional Reserve
  • Castle Cary Regional Reserve
  • Top Marshes Conservation Area
  • Great Western Tiers Conservation Area
  • Five Mile Pinnacle Conservation Area
  • Central Plateau Conservation Area –Breton Rivulet & Mother Lord Plains
  • Great Western Tiers Conservation Area –Parsons & Clerk Mountain
  • Great Lake Conservation Area –Tumbledown Creek & Gunns Marsh

The ban also extends to fishing, camping, hiking, 4WDing or other outdoor pursuits on public land.  

This information was taken directly from an email from DPIPWE. If you require any further information please contact Robin Thompson at DPIPWE by email on or telephone 03 6777 2157. 

For more information on the closing of the Tasmanian hunting season and other Covid-19 information, check out the following websites:

As much as this information might suck for all hunters who traditionally use this time to stock our freezers with good quality, free range meats, we strongly urge everyone to abide by the ruling and stay off public land. We cannot afford to be seen as a community that flouts the rules and puts the public in danger. We do not, as yet, know what affect this has on hunting on private land, and have contacted the department for more clarification.  

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