Great entry-level rifles

Browning A bolt with ATN

When setting up your first hunting rifle, it’s a good idea to start at an entry-level/standard rifle. You want something that will shoot straight and get the job done without breaking the bank. Hunting is not a cheap hobby after all.

Here are some great entry level rifles to start out with that will leave you some money for all that other hunting equipment you will want. 

We have provided a price range. While the gap between the low and high range might seem large, the final price will depend on the stock and barrel materials you choose. 

This rifle is one of significance to me as it was my first ever rifle and I took down my first stag with it. To this day I still take it on most of my trips and it’s never let me down. This rifle does lack a detachable magazine and you will need to top load the bullets, which can turn some people away. But I think it’s overall performance more than makes up for this lack. 

Overall, a sturdy and reliable rifle that is great for beginners. 

Price = $1100 – $1500

Barrel Length – 60.96 cm/24 inches 
Overall length – 111.76 cm/44 inches 
Weight- 3.27 kg/7.2 pounds

2. Browning A-Bolt III Hunter – .308 Win

Browning ABolt 3 Hunter

The A-Bolt III has all the class and elegance of a more expensive rifle with the added benefit of it being on the cheaper end of the scale. Browning didn’t skimp on the materials for this one either, and have made a rifle that doesn’t sacrifice looks and performance for the sake of the price tag. 

Price = $600 – $1100

Barrel Length – 55.88 cm/22 inches
Overall length – 106.68 cm/42 inches 
Weight- 2.77 kg/6.1 pounds

3. Remington 700 ADL – .308 Win 

remington 700 ADL

Remington claims that this rifle is the ‘world’s strongest, most accurate bolt-action rifle’. One of the biggest benefits to the 700 ADL (other than the price) is the aftermarket parts. The list almost seems endless; from stocks to barrels, speciality tools, bases and bolts to extractors and lugs. This rifle is easily customisable and can be adjusted to anything you want!  

Price = $700 – $900

Barrel Length – 60.96 cm/24 inches 
Overall length – 110.51cm/43.5 inches
Weight- 3.29 kg/7.2 pounds

4. Tikka T3x Hunter – .243 Win



The Tikka T3x has a top quality walnut stock that doesn’t require you to sell your kidney in order to buy it. The accuracy straight out of the box is outstanding! Tikka is made by the same company as Sako with the added benefit of being a fraction of the price. 

Price = $1300 – $1500

Barrel Length – 51 cm/20 inches
Overall length – 102 cm/40 inches 
Weight- 3 kg/6.6 pounds

What was the first rifle you bought and how does it compare to these entry level models? 

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