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Plains Zebra

Do people really hunt zebra?

There’s no denying zebra are iconic to the African continent. It’s hard to think about Africa without imagining a herd of black and white striped zebra grazing across the open plains. Maybe that’s why some find it so hard to imagine why anyone could want to kill one. After all, why would anyone want to hunt a zebra? In this article, we’ll explore some of the common questions people have about hunting zebra and look at how hunting and conservation often go hand-in-hand. 

culling cockies

Culling cockies

Cockatoos are not only synonymous with the Australian bush, they are a much-favoured addition to aviaries around the world. Despite being protected, they can still be killed under crop protection permits. In this article, we explore why cockatoos are culled, and why anyone would want to kill such an iconic bird.

Hunting South Africa

Ep 2: Hunting South Africa – can you handle the truth?

In this I Am Hunter podcast with professional hunter, Willem Gertenbach, we discuss the truth about hunting in South Africa and what it is really like, and why the western media has got it so wrong.

Trophy hunting a zebra

All about the stripes…What is it about hunting zebra that gets people so fired up?

I have always wanted to hunt a zebra. I’ve got no issue eating the meat and think that they make for a beautiful trophy on the wall. To me it’s really no different to hunting a deer. Now calm down. I can feel the hate coming through the computer screen. […]