Ep 12: How hunters are giving back to the community – The Sun Project

The Sun Project

In this I Am Hunter podcast, Rod and Tash talk to Pierre Moolman from Sun Africa Safaris in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Have a listen to find out how hunters are giving back to local communities and, in this case, helping to keep kids fed.

We talk about free range hunting in South Africa and about the impacts that Covid-19 has had, not only on the South African tourism industry, but the poorest people in the community who have no welfare options to fill the gap.

The Sun Project

Pierre and his wife, Charne visited the local village school a few years ago. They were physically moved to tears to see the children only had jam toast and a cup of tea for their evening meal. But it was all the school could afford.

The couple made a decision on the spot to provide food for the school children, donating the meat taken on hunts from their property.

It didn’t stop there. The Moolman’s were soon giving back in other ways by providing school supplies, building much needed infrastructure for the local community, and sending a talented young boy off to a private school to pursue his dream of becoming a computer engineer – and it was all being paid for by hunter dollars.

When travel dried up due to Covid restrictions, the Sun Project was put at risk. With hunting all but stopped on their property, Pierre and Charne had no idea where they would find the funds needed to keep up the work they were doing to help the Pearston community.

When we heard about their plight, we knew we could help make a difference. In the process, we hope to show the world the difference hunters are making to communities like Pearston.

We’ve partnered with Sun Safaris and Blood Origins to fund another 12 months of the Sun Project. We are donating $20 from every new I Am Hunter membership to help. We will also be creating ways for existing members and non-members to donate to this project so be sure to check out our Giving Back page for more details, as well as regular updates on how the project is tracking.

How to help

You can find out more about the Sun Project, how we’re trying to help and information about how to donate by visiting this page.