Ep 1: Poaching in Australia

Nath and Rod discuss poaching in australia

In this I Am Hunter podcast, Rod was heading off on a hunting trip with his mate, Nathan How and decided to take the podcast recorder along to record their chat. They chatted about poaching in Australia and how it has become such a big problem, they discussed hunting and hunters in Tasmania, the hunting industry in Australia, and how hunters can lawfully gain access to private land for hunting.

Is poaching a problem in Australia?

When people think about poaching, they conjure up images of exotic, endangered animal species in Africa or far-flung Asia. Rarely do people imagine that there’s a problem with poaching in Australia.

Yet, according to David O’Sullivan, with Customs and Border Protection in Canberra, although poaching itself isn’t directly threatening any Australian species with extinction, poaching in Australia does have the potential to severely affect the sustainability of wild populations.

While David was more referring to the black market that exists for exotic Australian wildlife, Rod and Nath were more talking about the issue with poaching for deer in Australia.

Poaching occurs whenever a deer or other game animal is taken without the correct permits, licenses or tags, taken out of season, or taken on private property without the permission of the property owner.

Sometimes poaching can even be inadvertent, when a hunter accidentally crosses from private land to public, or vice versa, in the pursuit of wild game, or when a hunter has not closely checked the expiry date on permits and licenses.

fox hunting in australia

Nath is a recurring guest on I Am Hunter

If you have been following us for a while, you might recognise Nath. He has been Rod’s offsider on a couple of hunting trips and a recurring guest on a number of I Am Hunter videos, including the one where Nath shot his first fox, and episode 4 of I Am Hunter where Rod and Nath hunt a sambar doe for meat in the Victorian highlands.

Check out our YouTube channel to watch some handy tips on how to gain access to private land.

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