Ep 5: Bowhunting a shark

Becoming a bowhunter

In this I Am Hunter podcast, the team spoke to Mark Burrows about becoming a master bowhunter and bowhunting a shark. Mark is one of only two people in Australia to have successfully bow hunted all 18 species in the Australian Bowhunters Association’s trophy class, which includes everything from the common deer species in Australia to buffalo, camel, pig, fox and shark!

Bowhunting buffalo in Australia

Yep, we said bowhunting a shark!

I don’t know about you, but when Mark described standing in waist-deep water, surrounded by burly, and bowhunting a 12ft shark, my knees went a little weak and he went up quite a few levels in our books!

While Mark started out hunting with a rifle, he has been exclusively bowhunting since the early 90s and couldn’t imagine hunting any other way. He’s taken his bow all over the world, including PNG and Africa.

We also discussed why Tasmania is the only state in Australia that doesn’t allow bowhunting.

The Australia Bowhunters Association

The Australian Bowhunters Association (ABA), which defends the rights of bowhunters and ensures future generations can enjoy bowhunting in Australia (and hopefully one day in Tasmania). We strongly encourage you to check them out if you’re interested in bowhunting in Australia.

Want some tips on how to become a master bowhunter yourself?

If you would like to bow hunt some trophy animals yourself, check out https://www.huntshack.net

Becoming a bowhunter

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