Ep 14: Hunting misinformation in MSM

Hunting Misinformation

In today’s world of internet, we have an excess of information at our fingertips. This can be an absolutely amazing asset to us as we can practically learn about anything we want to. But it can also lead to a bunch of misinformation being spread (or as Ol’ Mate Trump would say ‘Fake News’) 

With a hobby (I mean… lifestyle) like ours that can bring about an emotional response from certain people, misinformation is very easily spread and the majority of the time people aren’t quick to check the facts on most topics.

In this podcast, we explore the misinformation that has been spread and talk about how easy it is for people to ‘hate’ hunters and hunting when they are ill-informed. Especially when it concerns animal populations and the perception of endangered status.

But first, we have a chat about 3 of Tash’s Fave Photos. These are a few photos that she has seen on Instagram lately that she loved. Tag us in your photos (@huntshack) or hashtag #IAmHunter for your chance to be mentioned in one of our podcasts.

Photo 1 – @dewethuntingsafaris

Photo 2 – @shane.broadby

Photo 3 – @amylee_wild

We then chatted about some awesome taxidermy, this one done by Kanati Taxidermy is a very unique piece that definitely got the team talking and Rod got a little heated about his thoughts on turkey hunts (Jess and Tash want everyone to know Rod’s opinions on this topic in no way reflect their views regarding this).

Taxidermy Tuesday – @Kanatitaxidermy

We then got onto the real topic of this podcast. The misinformation spread on mainstream media about hunting. Below you can find all the sources from articles we mention to where we are getting our facts on conservation statuses and studies on hunting.

Articles with inflammatory headlines or misinformation

Mum takes her two-year-old daughter hunting so she can ‘normalise’ killing

Woman who takes her TWO-YEAR-OLD daughter hunting and posts photos of the infant with dead animals is slammed as a ‘bad mother’ – but she insists all parents should ‘normalize’ killing for their kids

American woman pictured posing with ‘dead rare giraffe’ shot in South Africa sparks outrage

US hunter Tess Talley rejoices in killing ‘rare’ black giraffe. Then it’s her under fire

Trophy Hunter Turned Rare Black Giraffe Into Pillows and a Gun Case

‘Killing spree’: Wisconsin’s wolf population plunges after protections removed, study finds

As black bears prepare to hibernate, trophy hunters go on a killing spree

Another Majestic Lion Was Killed In Zimbabwe, Allegedly By An American Hunter

Trophy hunters flock to sick website to book holiday to shoot vulnerable species

Trophy hunters kill 216 wolves in Wisconsin bloodbath

Where we get our facts

On Tasmanian deer numbers – Invasive Species Council

About Zebra populations – IUCN Red ListWikipedia

About Giraffe populations – IUCN Red ListBorn FreeGetaway

Articles we have written on these subjects

Do trophy hunters kill endangered animals?

Do people really hunt Zebra?

All about the stripes…What is it about hunting zebra that gets people so fired up?

How can killing animals save them?

The difference between hunting and poaching