Beretta Australia announces 9 new Tikka rifles

T1x TACT A1 Coyote Brown

Have you been climbing the walls during isolation, itching to get back out hunting? Beretta Australia has just the thing to scratch that itchy trigger finger, announcing the release of nine new Tikka rifles. This release coincides perfectly with the resumption of hunting activities in many Australian states. The new models are for the Tikka T3x and Tikka T1x platforms and will be available in early August.

Here’s a breakdown of the nine new Tikka rifles, with RRP starting from as little as $1179:

T1x MTR LH – RRP starting at $1179

T1x MTR LH How many times have you heard left handed shooters complaining about the price of left handed rifles? Well, Tikka has come to the rescue with an affordable, accurate and smooth rimfire rifle. The TAC driving T1x Multi-Task Rimfire (MTR) rifle also shares the same accessory platform as T3x platforms and has a 10 round magazine.

T3x Lite Green – RRP starting at $1479

T3x Lite GreenThis is the rifle that made the Tikka brand famous and it is now available in a green stock. It is interchangeable with all other Lite barrelled Tikka rifles and comes in both left and right handed models.

T3x Aspire – RRP starting at $1839

T3x AspireExclusive to the Australian market, the new Tikka T3x Aspire is the ideal rifle for hunting and stalking over long distances. The ergonomic design and added cheek-piece makes it easier for hunters to see through their scope without having to lift their heads. It sports a distinctive green stock, fluted, stainless steel barrel, soft touch grip, oversize bolt knob and a higher capacity magazine as standard. The muzzle thread is available as 14×1 or 15×1 for Magnums.

T3x Lite Roughtech – RRP starting at $1959

T3x Lite Roughtech black T3x Lite Roughtech desert tanThe Tikka T3x Lite Roughtech offers all the benefits and performance of a T3x Lite model combined with a Roughtech textured stock in either black or desert tan. The rough surface texture provides a solid grip throughout the stock in all weather conditions and comes with the new D18 fluted barrel profile, giving the shooter increased stability, accuracy and heat management with minimal added weight. It also features a fluted bolt, oversized bolt handle and a muzzle brake to reduce recoil.

T1x UPR – RRP starting at $1959

T1x UPR The T1x Ultimate Precision Rifle (UPR) offers the best of both worlds. It uses the same ergonomically designed fibreglass rough textured stock as the Tikka T3x, and offers endless possibilities to mix and change with existing rifles. It features a 10-round magazine, carbon fibre and fibreglass bedding for increased rigidity and accuracy, and adjustable cheek piece and QD sling attachments and a 1/2×20 UNF muzzle thread.

T3x Strata – RRP starting at $2089

T3x Strata Back and better than ever, the popular Tikka T3x Strata is the ultimate all-terrain rifle. Based on the popular Tikka T3x Super Lite Stainless, it comes packed with heaps of additional features that have been specially designed for the Australian environment including a cheek piece and soft touch grips, a True Timber Strata Camo stock, fluted barrel, Cerakoted barrelled action in Cobalt Kinetics Green, a Teflon® coated bolt with oversized bolt handle, and a high capacity magazine as standard.

T3x Veil Alpine – RRP starting at $2359

T3x Veil Alpine The Tikka T3x Veil Alpine is the perfect long-range stalking rifle designed to blend in and never miss. The Cerakote coating on the barrel – in Cobalt Kinetics Green – provides better weather durability, while the new D18 barrel profile gives the hunter increased stability, accuracy and heat management with minimal added weight, and the muzzle brake reduces recoil. It comes with a Veil Alpine Camo stock, a new fluted profile barrel (as featured in the Sako D18) and fluted bolt, and an oversized bolt handle.

T3x UPR – RRP starting from $3079

T3x UPR The Tikka T3x Ultimate Precision Rifle (UPR) introduces a new kind of lightweight stock construction: the bedding features an extra layer of carbon fibre mixed with fiberglass for increased rigidity and accuracy. The stock is coated with a rough surface for the best grip in any condition and has attachments for QD slings. T3x UPR rifles are all muzzle threaded with 5/8×24 thread. The stock is also fully interchangeable with that on the Tikka T1x and it comes with a 10 round steel box magazine. It offers high performance in all situations, which makes it the perfect trainer/rifle combination.

Special features

  • Ergonomic, fibreglass rough textured stock with adjustable cheek piece
  • Available blued or in stainless steel
    • 20MOA rail as standard
    • Teflon® coated bolt with oversized bolt knob

T1x TACT A1 Coyote Brown – RRP starting at $4199

T3x TACTT1x TACT A1 Coyote BrownThis Tikka rifle is a real game changer. It’s easy to see why the TACT A1 has been so successful since Tikka introduced this rifle. The range now includes .223 calibre, left hand versions and new for 2020, the option of Cerakoted chassis components and stock in Coyote Brown in the most popular variants. It is also available in .308 and 6.5CM in 24” barrels only.

The first shipments are due to arrive in early August so get your order in now or visit for more information.

Don’t have your firearm’s licence yet, but looking to get it? We have put together some handy guides to understanding how to get licensed in Victoria or Tasmania. If you’re in another state, don’t worry – we’ll be adding them soon too. 

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