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social distancing for hunters
Hunting stories

Social distancing for hunters

The whole world is talking social distancing like it’s a new thing. But social distancing for hunters is something we have been actively practicing for years. Forget 1.5m distance; when I head out bush, I prefer to keep at least 1.5kms between me and the nearest person. There’s no better feeling than being alone out there with nature, far away from the maddening crowds.

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Join I Am Hunter today and help ensure hunting survives


Thank you all for going forward in creating such great content and a resource for hunters everywhere! I’ve been hunting for most of my life but I look forward to learning even more on improving my skills and finding more of what there is to offer for our great sport.

Jennifer L

What you folks are doing for hunting here in OZ should be applauded. And I mean that sincerely. We are way too divided as outdoorsmen and women in this country and what you are doing is so awesome!

Craig M

If you're into hunting like we are your going to love I AM HUNTER. Fantastic platform for all things hunting from gear reviews, videos, articles, tutorials, podcasts and even hunting advocacy. You can also grab some great discounts on gear from their brand partners. Bloody great work from this Aussie company.

Ben L

Great people. Honest and open minded. Doing everything they can to create awareness about the many benefits derived from hunting. Fighting to improve stakeholders' perceptions of firearm owners whilst highlighting to sporting shooters the issues that we're currently facing.

Great work guys!

Daniel B

Great informative website from a passionate team that love the outdoors and show great respect when it comes to harvesting game in a safe, green, sustainable and respectful manner in a day where people have now lost contact from where their food comes from. The wider far left community that are trying hard to destroy our rights would be well informed by learning from this insightful media source!

Rolf H

A very informative page that everyone can enjoy, supports sustainable hunting and has great content.

Garry H

Bunch of legends helping spread a positive message about hunting and conservation. So good to have a community of like minded hunters that stand up for what's right and support each other, keep up the awesome work!

Chrissy G

This page helps to educate the benefits of wild game harvesting and promoting the great outdoors.

Damo C

You can see a genuine passion for what they do. And they have the courage to stand up for their beliefs. Looks like the young ladies have learnt all the right things from their Dad.

Manish Jithender

Hunting is good for the environment because the hunting community ensures that wildlife populations of game species are sustainable from one generation to the next. This requires that a diversity of natural habitats be kept intact, unpolluted, and undisturbed. Hunters support all these efforts. - so thanks to HuntShack for nurturing our future hunters

Zavra B

This is a wonderful page that gives interesting and helpful information about hunting here in Australia and around the world. Highly recommended!

Sarah R

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Show everyone just how proud you are to be a hunter.

Charity Doane
Hunting tales

A divine whitetail hunt

Hunting connects us with family, with nature, with God. When Charity Doane bowhunted a whitetail buck for her dying dad, she had a little divine help.

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Lion close up

Why scientists do not back a hunting ban

If hunting is so bad, why have 133 scientists written an open letter to the UK government urging them not to ban trophy hunting? Could it be they understand the negative impact it will have on conservation and animal populations?

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Fishing rod holder
Into the wild

How to store fishing rods for travel

How many times have you thrown the fishing rods in the back of your car or truck only to find they’re all knotted and damaged by the time you get there. This simple storage solution uses PVC pipe and some cable ties to keep your fishing rods neat and tidy in the back of your car.

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