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social distancing for hunters

Social distancing for hunters

The whole world is talking social distancing like it’s a new thing. But social distancing for hunters is something we have been actively practicing for years. Forget 1.5m distance; when I head out bush, I prefer to keep at least 1.5kms between me and the nearest person. There’s no better feeling than being alone out there with nature, far away from the maddening crowds. 

Becoming a bowhunter_HuntShack

Becoming a bowhunter podcast – Hunting Around the World with the HuntShack Crew

Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Share on whatsapp WhatsApp Share on email Email Share on telegram Telegram Recently, the team did a podcast with Matthias Turner (Matty) from Becoming a Bowhunter podcast to talk about how HuntShack got started, and how that led […]

Waterbuck in Free State, South Africa

Coming home empty handed is still hunting

There’s a general misconception that every hunt should end in a successful kill shot. After all, people rarely post about their unsuccessful hunts or share photos of returning to camp empty handed. Nobody enjoys failure, especially when it comes to hunting. But hunting success should never be measured by kills […]

Trophy hunting a zebra

All about the stripes…What is it about hunting zebra that gets people so fired up?

I have always wanted to hunt a zebra. I’ve got no issue eating the meat and think that they make for a beautiful trophy on the wall. To me it’s really no different to hunting a deer. Now calm down. I can feel the hate coming through the computer screen. […]


Tash first big bow hunt – the elusive Nyala

There’s a common misconception among non-hunters that trophy hunting in Africa is easy; that you just get out of a car, pick the best animal in the herd, and take aim; that humans – whether they’re hunting with a rifle or a bow – somehow have an unfair advantage against the animal. […]